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Over the years, we have often heard that "English is fundamental to children's personal and professional development" or that "without knowing English you will not get very far in life".

Today, as China begins to dispute world command over the Americans, the new language that is replacing English in importance is programming. Indeed, programming is not a fad and is already fundamental to the personal development and professional future of children - without knowing programming our children's vital projects will be greatly diminished, as the labor market will be more and more automated during the next years.

This is due to the impending mass proliferation of robots in many jobs and the Internet of Things (IoT), factors that will be developed at high speed by the 5G connection network, which anticipates the arrival of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. of history. Thus, knowing how to program is essential to operate robots, 3D printing, design video games, operate drones, interconnect devices and know how to operate with the logic of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality. All these science-fiction concepts will be consolidated in a few years due to the advent of the 5G network.

Programming is no longer an exclusive language for kids or science, but for everyone, and programming is becoming more fun and motivating. Programming allows us to do practical things like turn on or off lights remotely, regulate remote heating, or find any address if we've been to an unknown city. At Smart School we have been programming for years in academia and extracurriculars with children from kindergarten, primary, secondary and adulthood, with tools such as Scratch, Lego, Coding Express, Matatalab, Sphero, MTiny or Bee-Bots. . Our faculty consists of teachers and engineers certified in Lego Education.

If you want the best for your children, train them and let them learn to program. Enroll them in robotics in English at Smart School and the extracurriculars we offer in schools.

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