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Who doesn't like to win?

The First Lego League was played today at the University of Lleida - it is a world competition promoted by the world's leading robot manufacturer, Lego. Smart School has participated directly with its own team for the first time and WE HAVE WON THE SECOND PRIZE FOR BEST ROBOT DESIGN!

We are very happy because Laura, Alba, Bruna, Dani, Max, Nikita and Pep have achieved a very difficult goal, as this is the first year we have participated, we were few compared to the rest of 'teams that had more than 10 participants and we have lacked hours of preparation in this pandemic year. However, the effort of all of them and the talent of the coaches has served to convince the judges of the proposed exoskeleton project made with Lego to improve the recovery of patients from Covid and the robot designed with Spike and full of ingenious additions to optimize the missions you have developed.

But at Smart School we do not believe that success is the foundation of happiness. We need to educate children to enjoy the path, the learning process, the "how's" rather than the "what's". The experience and the journey are worth more than the result. You can't base your self-esteem on achieving recognition that may not work, no matter how hard you try - sometimes things come later than you expect. They have to be prepared for frustration, they have to know how to self-regulate emotionally and they have to look long, but ...


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