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Persia, Australia, China

During Smart's summer stays, we had a great time enjoying the culture and curiosities of Australia, a country that is practically a continent in itself. This coming week we will learn many things about China with dragons, walls, pictograms and many more surprises.

This week we are starting a collaboration with the Persian artist Azadeh Nasiri, who will give a weekly and exclusive Masterclass to the girls and boys of Smart's stays - a luxury because the international artist has exhibited in various places in the world. world and graduated from Tehran University of Arts and Architecture. Artist Azadeh will do these sessions in English and relate them to the country we are working on that week during the stays. A luxury that will undoubtedly allow the participants to develop their imagination and creativity!

Remember that the places for stays are more limited than ever this year and that our summer house will be open every week in July, August and the first fortnight of September.

Picture: Azadeh Nasiri (

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