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Early programming consists of an introduction from the age of 3 to the tools that are worked on in a widespread way in Science and Art (STEAM) during Primary and Secondary, such as Lego Spike Essential and Spike Prime, as well as the Scratch, Arduino or Phyton programming languages.

The benefits of introducing the logic of computational thinking from 3 to 5 years are many and varied: higher cognitive development, promotion of neuronal deployment based on manipulation, amplification of fine motor skills and multiple intelligences, focus on concentration sustained and growth of artistic, humanistic and scientific skills.

Smart School offers you a planned and planned introduction to STEAM programming and robotics with the most innovative tools from the world's leading techno-educational players: Lego, TTS and SPC. Lego's Coding Express and SPC's Matatalab are currently state of the art in educational pre-robotics and psychomotor development linked to cognitive learning processes. They have a programming that promotes the skills of the 21st century (life skills), through a link between the physical world and the digital world through programming by objects and centers of interest such as travel, music, characters or the calculation.

At Smart School we offer you an hour and a half a week of Enjoy Coding in English because, as Lego says, "we see the world with our eyes, but we change it with our hands."

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