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Christmas Campus: motivation, fun and learning

How many times have we heard that human beings are the only species capable of moralizing, predicting the future, recognizing their face in the mirror, cooking, or dressing? I would add that our ability to enjoy and learn through play is unmatched on an evolutionary scale - rightly so, Dutch scholar Johan Huizinga describes us as "Homo Ludens".

In a classic study by the University of Munich and the Technical University of the Bavarian capital (1), professors Michael Sailer, Jan Hense, Heinz Mandl and Markus Klevers conclude that play, leisure and gamification encourage the motivation of the students and, consequently, they favor the directed learning in nonformal contexts, as they are the Campuses of Christmas, the Stays and the activities of holidays. The authors believe that the mechanisms of motivation are activated in these situations of planned play, as long as we guide the activities in a way appropriate to the age and maturity of the students, that appropriate environments are created for the interaction between play and training and that the maturing context is appropriate and relevant. That's why in the English School Stays we do excursions, robotics, games, escape rooms, multimedia, crafts, etc.

Smart School organizes, as every year, Christmas stays from December 21st to January 7th, both inclusive, with the exception of the holidays themselves, from 9am to 2pm and extended by reception from 8am to 3pm. We have planned these stays with enthusiasm and rigor and, in addition, we offer the possibility of hiring specific days (Fun Days) in addition to whole weeks, as well as afternoon schedules to organize Christmas arrangements and purchases. Contact us for information as these parties will be open for you in the morning and in the afternoon.

(1) Sailer, M. et al: Psychological Perspectives on Motivation through Gamification. Interaction Design and Architectural(s) Journal, 19, pp. 28-37 (2013).

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