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6 schools already rely on Smart School to run curricular robotics classes

At Smart School, we are finishing a difficult school year in the best possible way: starting a new line of education in 6 different schools and institutes. If until now we had dedicated ourselves to the classes at the academy and about 15 extracurricular centers, we have started to do robotics and manipulative mathematics IN SCHOOL HOURS in 6 centers of Lleida and Mollerussa - includes Primary, Secondary and Vocational Training.

In terms of curricular teaching, each center opts for different models and we are adapting with MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY: we cater for very different ages or workloads, high-complexity centers, diversity work from above, large group workshops, interactive corners or career guidance lessons through Lego. These activities are relatively DIFFICULT to PROGRAM but very enriching.

All of these experiences will go further - computational thinking, programming, and robotics are already being integrated across the educational curriculum, as has been the case in the United States or other countries around us. The good news is that WE ARE LEARNING A LOT from this extreme adaptation process at each center and that we are generating MANY NEW IDEAS that we will apply to academia and extracurriculars for the benefit of all Smart School students.

As we like to explain to students, it is very important how it starts but even more so how it ends ...

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